Monday, January 9, 2012

Life at our house

This is a short blog today.  

People are always asking what it is like to live at our house.  With this many kids running around, I am sure that our family time looks a bit different...or more chaotic...then the typical american family.  And that is ok because I believe that family love is essential and time spent together is more important than a sparkling clean kitchen.  My husband bought me a sign a few years ago that is PERFECT!

The truth of the matter is, my kids are only with me for a short time.  I don't want to look back on their childhood and say "wow, my house was clean."  I want to look back and say "WOW!  We had SO much fun that year."

Actually, there is a lot of noise in my house, but it is sometimes full of yelling, frequently full of the sounds of TV, video games and/or music.  Then there is the constant sound of the dishwasher running (usually 2x a day) or the washing machine and dryer (most days...all day long), but most importantly there is the wonderful sound of laughter.

Here is a video that shows a typical evening in my house when all the kids are home.  Here is a video of a dinner out.  K4 and K6's birthdays are in the same month so Hard Rock Cafe set up a little competition for them.  Or, how about this video just getting a hair cut... Yes, this really is typical of my kids.

Although, it is a bit crazy, hectic, messy and loud sometimes, (loud enough that grandparents tend to stay at hotels now when they visit) I know that I am giving my children the best gift I can give them.  A happy childhood with siblings that they love to spend time with and connections that will last them a lifetime.

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