Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm back....

Bet you thought I was done writing!  Fooled ya.

Life has been crazy busy over the summer.  Wow...8 kids in the home all day long for 2.5 months.  The house was in perpetual disarray with toys constantly spread liberally through out the house, mountains of laundry hid the dust bunnies that were growing all over.  I gave up on dishes entirely and finally just bought paper plates.  That was a tremendous relief to be honest.

We managed 4 camping trips - 2 to the mountains and 2 to the lake.  K1 and K5 tested for black belts (K1 his 2nd degree and K5 her youth) I kept up the therapy appointments and even purchased a used playset for the backyard.  It should entertain many kids in the years to come since about the time my kids will be bored with it, the grand-babies will be old enough to love it.  It should last...if we keep the teenagers off of it.  Ok...found this picture online and thought it was WAY too funny.  That moment when you realize your childhood is OVER!

But the more important moment of the summer was adoption finalization.  After nearly a year of home visits with GALs and social workers, I am proud to say that K8, K9, and K10 are MINE and I only have contact with the workers when I email them a cute picture  - if I want to.  Which, OK, I admit has been about every 2 weeks so far.  I just can't help it!  My kids are SO DANG CUTE!

On Finalization day, K9 wore the cutest little suit with a turquoise vest and matching tie, K8 and K10 wore matching (but not identical) polka-dot dresses with polka-dot hair bows.  We arrived at the court house - all 8 kids living at home in tow, and one set of grandparents.  The kids were so excited that they had a hard time sitting still.  I finally put K8 in my lap so I could help contain her and whisper into her ear easily.  K9 sat beside me while K10 was contained in Daddy's lap.  The remaining 6 kids and the grandparents were invited to sit in the jurors seats.  Then the wiggling began.  One social worker gave each of the kids a cute sock monkey, thinking that would help keep the kids quite and busy during the hearing.  Ya...that was wrong.

K10 immediately lifted the monkey's tail and started making farting noises.  Ya - those are my kids.  Then K8 and K9 had to follow suit.  All while the remaining 6 kids giggled uncontrollably from the jury box while grandparents desperately tried to "shhush" them.  I really hope the judge wasn't expecting a quiet family whose children sat in perfect decorum.  Regardless, the hearing continued with smiles all around and one by one, the judge identified each child, stated their new name and made their presence in my life officially permanent.  Oh what a happy day it was so off we went to Chunky (yes, "chunky" was a deliberate typo) Cheese to meet with my parents, my god-daughter and her new baby boy.  I have been asked numerous times if we are done adopting yet.  After every adoption, we have said, "that was the last kid."  And yet...  So, to answer your question "is 10 enough kids yet" I say, "I do not know.  I only know that I have been blessed with wonderful kids - many of whom found me, not the other way around so if God brings me another kid, we will just see what happens."  I just hope God remembers how old I am getting.

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